Can you believe it’s Spring already? Winter always seems as if it will never end, and then one day, the grass is getting green again! After months of darkness and cold, the warm sun and blooming flowers are such a welcome sight. It seems that the whole world is ready for bright colors again after the dark months of winter. We exchange our dark, heavy coats for light, bright cardigans and light jackets; so why would we continue to wear our dark winter makeup? Let’s talk Spring makeup trends!

A new season means new makeup shades! Here are 4 makeup pairings that are perfect for Spring.

The theme of spring makeup trends is minimal, fresh, and bright. Spring is a great time to try out that lip gloss you’ve had your eye on for a while! A glossy lip is so pretty with the lighter blush colors of Spring. If you love a bold lip, try using a lighter shade or a brighter pink instead of the deep reds and rusts of winter. This will brighten up your face and bring your whole look into the new season. Spring is the perfect time to treat yourself to some new makeup colors! I personally love pulling out the pinks and purple shades for Spring and Easter Sunday. Here are some of my favorite Spring makeup looks!

Rose inspired look:

I love Roses. My Grandfather would grow Roses for my Grandma and her favorites were the peach and yellow shades. This look is inspired by her! For your eyes, I’m using Sabrina, Valencia, Crush, and Bright Eyes. These shades are gorgeous paired together or used separately. They will warm up your face and make your eyes pop! Pair these eyeshadow shades with a warm, peach lip & cheek– Frenchie. Frenchie is one of my all time favorite shades of Maskcara blush. I wear it often!

4 flower-inspired Spring makeup looks on the blog!

Hyacinth inspired look:

Aren’t these blue flowers gorgeous? They grow well here in Missouri where I live. I didn’t know what they were when I first moved to the Midwest after growing up in the Arizona desert. Now, they are one sign of Spring I look forward to every year! For this Hyacinth-inspired look, I’ve grouped Unicorn, Duke, Mama, and Rome eyeshadows together. The pop of blue will be so pretty when you pair it with the soft pink of Mama and the shimmer of Unicorn. Go bold by using more Duke in your eye look, or just use it as a liner to add some fun interest. Keep your lips and cheeks in the same cool color family with Pink Grapefruit lip & cheek. You’ll love how this brightens your face for Spring!

4 makeup looks that will get you ready for Spring!

Tulip inspired look:

Who doesn’t love Tulips? I wanted a whole bouquet of them for my wedding, but Arizona in August isn’t very Tulip-friendly. I think my wedding day was over 100 degrees! It was warm, to say the least. haha! Lucky for you, you can wear this look without dying in the hot, Arizona sun. Summer Love is a gorgeous, warm pink lip & cheek shade that can go on sheer or build for more drama. Pair this lip & cheek with Stay Golden, On Wednesday’s, Bayou, and Unicorn. Bayou is such a fun eyeshadow shade. It’s a shade that will take you from Spring into Summer easily!

Who doesn't love Tulips? 4 flower-inspired Spring makeup looks on the blog!

Crocus inspired look:

I’ll be honest, I had to look up the name of these purple flowers. I’ve heard of the Crocus flowers for years, but I was never quite sure what they looked like. Now, I know! In honor of these pretty, purple flowers, here is a Spring Makeup look filled with purple shades. Start with Mama, Bend & Snap, and Sabrina for your eyes. Add in some As If for a purple smokey eye and you are ready for a night out on the town! Finish your look with Plum lip & cheek, and you’ll be ready for Spring.

I live for purples and pinks in the Spring! Check out my 4 flower-inspired Spring makeup looks.

Apple Blossom inspired Spring makeup look:

I love Apple Blossoms! The bright pinks and whites of the blossoms are so pretty against all of the bright green leaves and grass. When doing a bold eye like this with a dramatic glitter shade, make sure you use a more muted blush to keep the focus on your eyes. Petal lip & cheek is the perfect shade for this! Petal is soft and delicate and will bring a warmth to your cheeks you’ve been missing since Winter. For your eyes, try using Mama, Sabrina, Mi Hija, and LaLa Land for a fun eye look. I wear this look often. Shouldn’t every day include a little glitter?

Apple Blossoms are the epitome of Spring to me! See 3 more looks on my blog!

There are so many Spring makeup trends that you can play around with this Spring. I hope these combinations give you some great ideas and starting points to get your creativity flowing! Any of these looks can be mixed and matched with each other for even more Spring-inspired makeup fun. And you know what comes after Spring? Summer! Stay tuned for some Summer-Inspired makeup combinations soon!

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Now that you’re getting your eyes and lips ready for Spring, don’t forget your brows! Click HERE for a post I wrote that will show you how to get gorgeous brows in a few, simple steps!

Spring makeup trends: 4 flower-inspired makeup looks perfect for Spring!
My favoriteSpring looks!



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