Have you ever felt like you would like the look of fuller lips but don’t want to commit to injections or anything crazy? There’s a really easy way to get the look of fuller lips without having the hassle or price tag of a more permanent method. I’m going to share with you my secret to getting the look of full lips with lip contouring. Did you know it’s possible to contour your lips as well as your face? I’m here to tell you it’s very possible, and it’s very easy!

No matter what your makeup expertise level, you can do this. Whether you are a beginner with makeup, or an expert. This is a technique that anyone can use to up their makeup game. Want a little drama for a date night, or love the look of light lips but feel like it looks weird on you? Lip contouring is the perfect technique for you. I had never heard of it until about a year ago, and now I use this technique all the time. I love how it looks on everyone.

My secret to getting full lips the easy way! Have you heard of lip contouring? www.heathershefbeauty.com

When I wear a darker liner with a light lip color, it gives me a touch of drama without being too bold. I love pairing this technique with a bold eyeshadow look for date nights! And when I want a natural look for daytime, I just apply a translucent gloss on my lips with the darker liner on the edges. This way, I still get the definition from the dark liner, but my lips are natural. The best part? I can use products I already have in my compact. There’s no need to go out and buy anything!

My favorite lip colors and products for lip contouring-

Here’s how easy it is to get full lips with lip contouring-

Start with exfoliating your lips. My favorite budget friendly lip exfoliator is by ELF. Grab one HERE. After I exfoliate my lips, I use the large end of my Multitasker brush when I want a more defined line, or I use the small end of my I Shadow Everything brush when I want a softer, more smudged line on my lips. I love to use my Indigo Contour to line my lips. It’s so pretty and gives me the drama I love. You can also use any of the other shades of Maskcara contour to line your lips. They will all give you a slightly different look and a slightly different level of drama with your lips.

I Shadow Everything or Multitasker brush--which is your choice for lip contouring? www.heathershefbeauty.com

Now, if you have thinner lips or you want your lips to look fuller, you can do a method called overlining. To do this, you simply place your liner on the outer edges of your lips, instead of inside the edges. This will create the look of larger lips and give you the ‘sexy pout’ that’s in style right now!

Blend, Blend, Blend!

After you apply your liner to your lips, you need to soften the edges. Don’t channel the dark, harsh liner look of the 1990’s–blend, blend, blend! I love to use my finger tips to blend my liner, and soften the lines. This way, I don’t undo the liner I’ve applied and I can easily control how much I blend.

Have you tried to contour your lips? It's easier than you think! www.heathershefbeauty.com

Next, I apply my lip color. I like to change up the products I use, depending on the day. For a matte look, I love to use one of Maskcara’s light lip/cheek shades. My favorites for Spring & Summer are Bare, Frenchie, and Ballerina. If I want a long-lasting lip color I always grab one of my favorite shades from the Maybelline Super Stay Matte Ink collection– Poet, Driver, Dreamer, and Loyalist are gorgeous with a darker liner. When I’m going really low-key with my makeup, I’ll just apply one of my favorite glosses. Right now I’m loving NYX Butter Gloss in Creme Brûlée, and the Buxom Lip Plumping glosses in White Russian and Peach Daiquiri.

I love the look of contoured lips. See how easy it is! www.heathershefbeauty.com

For a final bit of shimmer, especially when I’m wearing a matte lip color, I like to apply a touch of Maskcara’s Cream Illuminator in the center of my pout on my lips with my fingertip. This really adds some fun to your lip color and finishes it off so prettily.

I love how easy it is to get the look of fuller lips with lip contouring. www.heathershefbeauty.com

That’s it, friends! It’s so easy to get the look of full lips with lip contouring! Don’t you love how it looks? I really like how it gives my lips a little bit of drama and definition, without being too bold. It’s the perfect lip look to pair with your warmer weather makeup.

Have you gotten color matched yet for your own custom Maskcara makeup? I’ve got a whole blog post about how easy it is to get color matched online. Click the button below to see for yourself!

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