Valentine’s Day is just around the corner! This gorgeous Valentine’s Day makeup look is perfect for a date night out or staying in! The soft pinks are really flattering on just about everyone. Do you celebrate Valentine’s Day? I have mixed feelings on the holiday as a whole. I didn’t really celebrate it until I got married, and even now we don’t put a lot of emphasis on the holiday. At the very least, I always try to glam myself up for my husband on the big day. Read on to see how I got this look!

Get this look---Gorgeous Valentine's Day makeup tutorial!

I’m going to start with my eyes. I always apply my eyeshadow first, before my foundation. Why do I do this? It actually saves me time! When I apply my eyeshadow first, I can easily clean up any fallout that I might have or mistakes I might make without having to re-do my whole face. And if I apply my eyeshadow and decide I hate the way it’s turning out? I can wipe it all off and start over pretty easily.

Get ready for Valentine's Day with this gorgeous makeup look! See how I did it-

Here are the eyeshadows I used:

To get this Valentine’s Day makeup look, I washed my lid with Mama, then applied Lullaby in my crease using the Windshield Wiper technique. Next, I placed Tawanda on my lid from my lashline to my crease. I packed this color on with the small end of my I Shadow Everything brush so I could really get a lot of shimmer out of it. I then used Kin on my outer corners and blended it into my crease and into Tawanda on my lids. Blending is key to any good eyeshadow look! Lastly, I wanted a soft eyeliner look, so I added Jr. Prom along my lashline to give me a soft line. I carried Lullaby, Kin, and Jr. Prom under my eyes as well using the Halo Technique to create continuity in my eyeshadow look. As a result, my eyes really pop!

See how I used a mix of different shades of pinks for this makeup look!

Because I wanted to keep my eyes and lips the main focus of this look, I kept the rest of my face pretty minimal. I applied my Maskcara IIID Foundation on my face with my favorite 30 Sec HAC brush (I’m loving Sandy/Candlelit and Indigo Contour right now), and filled my brows in with Astoria Contour.

The monochromatic look is a big trend right now in makeup and I love it. To follow this trend, I chose Black Cherry Lip & Cheek for my blush. It matches so nice with the pinks in my eyeshadow. To finish my Valentine’s Day makeup, I used Photoshop Powder Illuminator on my cheekbones, brow bones, and the bridge of my nose. Lastly, I used one of my favorite drugstore long wearing lipsticks. Maybelline Super Stay Liquid Lipstick in Lover was the perfect shade to go with the rest of the pink shades I used on the rest of my face!

What do you think of this look? Are you a lover of Valentine’s Day?

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