Wondering how to get your own custom Maskcara color match? Let me break it down for you! But first, how many times have you gone into the makeup aisles and looked at the different brands of foundation and felt overwhelmed by the choices? Long-lasting, full coverage, natural coverage, liquid, powder, matte, dewy…it’s enough to make your head spin! And then, when you finally figure out what color and formula you like, and you need to re-purchase, the makeup company has inevitably re-formulated your choice and changed the name! *insert face-palm emoji here* hahaha!

Maskcara is all about making your life easier. One of the ways we do that is with our artist program. It’s my job as your artist to keep track of what colors look best on you, help you choose what coverage you like, find the best application technique for your skin, and generally be your makeup assistant in your back pocket! It’s a pretty awesome job. 4 easy steps for the perfect Maskcara color match. Maskcara's founder, Cara Killpack's before and after. www.heathershefbeauty.com

So, how do I choose which colors will work best for your Maskcara color match?

Everyone’s skin is different, and everyone has different needs and preferences. There are a few things I take into consideration when I recommend colors for your Maskcara color match.

  • Your Skin Tone- Are you fair? Medium-toned? Dark?
  • Your Skin Undertones- Do you have White or Yellow Undertones?
  • Your Skin Texture- Do you have any scarring or large pores?
  • How You Prefer to Wear Your Makeup- Light, Medium, or Full Coverage?
  • Your Skin’s Needs- Are you oily, dry, combination?
  • The Changing Seasons- Will you be getting more or less tan soon?


Does this list seem overwhelming? Lucky for you, I’ve been trained by the best in the company!

After 2 years of Color Matching education, I am an expert at choosing the best colors and tools for your skin, and your lifestyle. Because our skin changes often, many women need more than one Highlight shade to get the best coverage they can get. I know which colors to pair together so that you feel your most gorgeous! Beyond choosing your Highlight shades (aka- your main foundation colors), I have been trained to be able to choose the best Contour shades for your skin as well.

Highlight And Contour

These two products go hand in hand. If we Highlight parts of our face, we need to also Contour our face so we continue to have those gorgeous cheekbones pop! By applying Contour under our cheekbones, around the edges of our face, under our jawlines, and on the sides of our nose, we draw attention back to our eyes. And because the Highlights and Contours are all creams, they will melt into your skin differently than liquid or powder foundation. In fact, you’ll be amazed at how young you look when you use Maskcara’s IIID foundation!

A good selfie is vital for a great Maskcara color match! Here's my before and after. www.heathershefbeauty.com

You may be thinking, “Ok, I get it. You know your stuff, Heather. Now what do you need from me?” All I need from you is a selfie of your gorgeous face without makeup or filters!

Here’s how to take the perfect selfie for a Maskcara color match:

  1. Find a window with good natural light (north-facing is awesome). Open those blinds & curtains, and face the window like you are looking outside.
  2. Take a few steps back from the window so you don’t have shadows on your face.
  3. Grab your phone & turn off any automatic filters.
  4. Snap that Selfie!

See how easy it is?

Unsure about sending a picture of yourself without makeup to a stranger on the internet? You’re not alone. I’ve been there. I remember being so nervous to send my first picture to a Maskcara Artist. Most of us prefer to not be seen without makeup on. It’s normal. Just to help you feel more comfortable, I’ll include two pictures of myself without makeup on in this post. 🙂

Get your best Maskcara color match! www.heathershefbeauty.com

Why is a good selfie so important?

Let me tell you why it’s important for you to send me the best selfie possible. When I first started wearing Maskcara back in 2015, there was no Artist Program. There were also very few Highlight colors to choose from. I knew that I wasn’t super fair, but I also wasn’t super dark. And that’s about all I knew. I did the best I could, and chose a Highlight color that I thought would work with my skin. It was just ok. Not great, but not horrible. Since I had never really worn makeup or found a foundation color that I loved previous to trying Maskcara, I didn’t know that it was possible to find a foundation color that I would love completely. Now, I know better, of course.

But, not having the perfect foundation color didn’t stop me from falling in love with Maskcara anyways! In fact, I wore that incorrect color for over a year until the Maskcara Artist program started and I found someone who could help me find the best colors for my skin.

Let me help you to avoid the hassle of trying to figure out what colors look best on you! You have enough going on in your busy life, let me take over on this one.

Ready to send me that selfie?

Click below to be taken to my Color Match Form! I’ll ask you a few questions about your skin type, how you like your makeup, and what concerns you have–once I get your response, I’ll get back to you with your custom Maskcara color match!

Color match me

How do I HAC (Highlight And Contour) my face in minutes?

I can’t wait to hear from you!

Get your perfect Maskcara Color Match in 4 easy steps. www.heathershefbeauty.com


It's so easy to get a Maskcara color match! www.heatheathershefbeauty.com


Get your perfect Maskcara color match in 4 easy steps. www.heathershefbeauty.com


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