Now that we’ve mastered The Wash to apply eyeshadow, the next technique that’s important to understand is The Windshield Wiper. Like The Wash, The Windshield Wiper is a simple technique. But, it’s an important technique to learn because it is used in many eyeshadow looks.

One thing I love about the Windshield Wiper technique is that it can be used with light and dark eyeshadow colors. It can also be used on it’s own or layered with a lighter shade.

The Windshield Wiper is an essential eyeshadow technique to learn! Bonus--it's really easy!

Eyeshadows aren't hard! Learn this simple technique to up your eyeshadow game!

Here’s how we do The Windshield Wiper:

The first step is to find your crease on your eyelid. Everyone has one. It’s the line where your eyelid folds when you open and close your eyes. Some of us have more of a pronounced line than others. I have slightly hooded eyes, so my crease tends to get hidden by my brow bone. But it’s there!

Once you’ve found your crease, the rest is easy. Simply dip into your preferred eyeshadow color with the fluffy end of your I Shadow Everything Brush; then with a gentle back and forth motion (like a windshield wiper), carry your eyeshadow back and forth across your crease from side to side. Too dark? Keep blending the color into your skin until you reach your desired eyeshadow coloring. Too light? Dip your brush into your eyeshadow color again, and add more shadow to your eyes. That’s it!


How do I use this technique in my everyday makeup routine? I love to create eyeshadow looks that have a mix of light and dark colors in them. To create a balance between my lighter and darker eyeshadow colors, I use a mid-toned eyeshadow color across my eyelid crease. I apply it by using The Windshield Wiper method and blend it with my other colors until I have the look I’m going for. Learning these simple eyeshadow techniques will help you build up your confidence when it comes to eyeshadow. Eyeshadow doesn’t need to be intimidating! In fact, it’s one of the most fun parts of makeup application. Let me know if you have any questions!

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