The Wash technique is the first building block to good eyeshadow application. Are you a beginner when it comes to eyeshadow application? Do you want to understand the fundamentals better so you can improve your technique and have more fun with your eyeshadow looks? Have you ever felt confused or lost about what shade of eyeshadow to buy or where to put it on your eyelids? This tutorial and technique will help you feel more confident in your eyeshadow game, and help you to have more fun with your eyeshadow looks!

If you love natural eyeshadow looks, try this technique! The Wash is fast, easy, and gorgeous!


Favorite Maskcara Beauty Eyeshadow Shades to use to Wash your eyelids:

Are you ready to learn The Wash Eyeshadow Technique? It’s pretty simple, you’ll be surprised! Here we go!

Step 1- Using the fluffy end of your I Shadow Everything brush, dip into one of the light shades of eyeshadow mentioned above. Step 2- Wash your eyelid with the eyeshadow from your lash line to your eyebrow. That’s it!

Don't be scared of eyeshadow! The Wash eyeshadow technique is simple and easy to learn.

Are you surprised at how simple this technique is? Using this Wash technique will give you a very natural eyeshadow look. This look is perfect for those who are just beginning to experiment with eyeshadows, those who want a no-makeup eyeshadow look, and younger teenagers who don’t want to look heavily made up.

Learning how to do The Wash with your eyeshadow is also the first building block to learning more complex eyeshadow looks. I use this technique as a base for many of my favorite eyeshadow looks. By washing your eyelid with one light color of eyeshadow, you can provide a solid color base to layer your other shadows on top of. This can prevent any issues you might have with your eyelid color affecting your eyeshadow look.

The Wash Eyeshadow Technique is simple, easy, and the first step to learning eyeshadow looks!

Are you curious to see how this looks when combined with other shadows? Check it out here to see how I used The Wash technique as the first step in this Emerald Eye Look.


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