Now that we’ve mastered The Wash and The Windshield Wiper eyeshadow techniques, we can move on to The Halo Eyeshadow Technique! (Missed one of the other tutorials? I’ve linked them at the end of this post!)

The Halo is our last foundational eyeshadow technique. Once you’ve mastered it, you can move on to more complicated eyeshadow looks and really start to play and have fun!

Next in my Eyeshadow Techniques series--The Halo! The Halo is simple, quick, and universally flattering.

When you’re doing The Halo technique with your eyeshadows, you can use any shade of eyeshadow. I prefer to use a matte mid-tone or light shade, but you can also use a darker matte shade for more drama.

Let me show you how to do The Halo:

We are going to use The Windshield Wiper technique for this look. First, you will take the fluffy side of your I Shadow Everything brush and dip it into your preferred matte eyeshadow shade. Next, using The Windshield Wiper technique, you will carry the color across your crease on your eyelid back and forth. Blend until you reach your desired look. Lastly, you will carry that same eyeshadow shade under your eye along your lower lash line using the same Windshield Wiper motion. Again, you can use a darker color for more drama.

The Halo Eyeshadow Technique is flattering for everyone! New to eyeshadows? The Halo is quick and easy to learn!

If you want to have more drama with your Halo technique, use the smaller end of your I Shadow Everything brush and a darker color of eyeshadow. I especially like to use the small end of my I Shadow Everything brush when applying shadow under my eye along my lower lashline. This gives more of the appearance of a soft eyeliner. You can see in the picture above how softly I’ve carried the color under my eyes. It just adds a touch of color.

Why is the Halo Eyeshadow Technique good to learn?

The Halo technique is universally flattering. So, it doesn’t matter if you are young or more mature, this technique will work for you! Also, by carrying the same shade of eyeshadow under your eyes, you create a cohesive eye look and make your eyes look bigger. Who doesn’t want their eyes to look bigger and more beautiful? (Umm, yes please!)

Next in my Eyeshadow Techniques series--The Halo! The Halo is simple, quick, and universally flattering.

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