Have you ever done something and didn’t realize there was a name for it? I know I’ve done that at least a few times. This deep crease eyeshadow technique is one of those times. I learned how to do this technique pretty early on in my makeup ‘journey’ a few years ago. I had no idea it was an actual technique, though! Ha! So now I feel extra fancy when I demonstrate it on myself. It’s for sure my favorite method of putting on eyeshadow. Why do I love it so much? A few reasons– it’s easy to take it from day to night and it makes my eyes look bigger and emphasizes their shape. 
Eyeshadow techniques 101-The Deep Crease www.HeatherShefBeauty.com

Here’s how I do the deep crease eyeshadow technique:

Supplies needed:

I Shadow Everything Brush

Blend and Tap Brush

4 shades of eyeshadows: a light shade, a middle matte shade, a dark shade, and an accent shade. 

My current favorite combo? Tawanda, Lullaby, Kin, and Unicorn

Deep Crease Eyeshadow technique--my current favorite combo! www.heathershefbeauty.com

Are you ready to learn how to do the Deep Crease Eyeshadow Technique? 

I like to start by applying my middle shade across my crease and a bit above it using the rectangle end of the Blend and Tap brush and a windshield wiper motion. I concentrate the color towards the outer third of my eyes to keep my eyes looking open and younger. We all want to look younger, right? Make sure you carry the leftover color that’s on your brush under your eyes across your lower lashline as a soft liner. (This is the Halo method we’ve talked about before!)

Next, I dip into my light shade (in this case I’m using Tawanda) with my I Shadow Everything brush and place it on my lid from my lash line to the crease. I blend it lightly into my middle shade (Lullaby) being careful not to over-blend the two colors. You still want to see the different shades! 

The Deep Crease method is my favorite for applying eyeshadow! See how I do it here heathershefbeauty.com

To use the darkest shade, I grab my Blend and Tap brush again and lightly tap into my darkest eyeshadow shade. Remember! You can always add more shadow, but it’s trickier to blend out the colors if you get too much on your lids. For this look, I’m tapping into Kin and placing it on the outer corners of my eyes. I concentrate my color on the outer corners and then drag the brush into my crease and along my lash line like a sideways V. Or you could also think of it as a greater than < and less than > shape on the outer third of your lids. It sounds more confusing than it actually is, trust me. Make sure you blend your darkest eyeshadow shade into your other shades so it looks like a natural shadow on your eyelids. This helps to create depth on your eyes.

Going from day to night? 

If you are doing this deep crease eyeshadow technique for a day look, use less of your darkest shade. If you are doing this deep crease eyeshadow technique for a date night, use more of the darkest shade to create more drama! I also like to carry my darkest shade under my eyes on my lower lashline to line my eyes. When I do this step, I don’t re-dip into my eyeshadow. I merely carry the leftover shadow under my eyes. This helps me to keep from getting too much color under my eyes. Nobody wants to look like they have a black eye! 

For the last step, I take the tiniest bit of my accent shade and place it in the inner corners of my eyes to add a little shimmer and sparkle! This is totally optional, and I don’t do it every day. I usually reserve this last step for special occasions. I’m not a huge sparkle and glitter girl, though, so if you are–rock the sparkle! 

Now that you know how to do my favorite eyeshadow technique, snap a selfie and share it on Instagram/Facebook! Tag me– heather.shef on Instagram so I can see it! 

My favorite eyeshadow combo for Spring! www.HeatherShefBeauty.com

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The Deep Crease Eyeshadow Technique is a lot easier than you think! See how I do it here-- www.heathershefbeauty.com


The Deep Crease Eyeshadow Technique is one of my favorite methods for applying eyeshadow! www.heathershefbeauty.com






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