Ok, confession time. I had no idea that cream foundation was a thing until I found Maskcara a few years ago. I know it’s becoming more common, now, but when I was dipping my toe into the waters of makeup 3+ years ago, I only knew of liquid foundation or those green covergirl powder compacts that everyone used in the 1990’s when I was in high school. (Yes, I’m that old. hahaha!) Now that I’ve converted to using creams for my makeup, I’ll never go back to the liquids & powders I used to use! 

5 reasons I love Maskcara's cream foundation over liquids and powders! www.heathershefbeauty.com

Here are 5 reasons I don’t love powders or liquids for my foundation–

1. They sit on top of the skin and can make your fine lines appear more noticeable.

Everyone has fine lines. No matter how old or how young you are, we all have smile lines and areas on our face that move when we talk and laugh. That’s the beauty of our skin. It moves with us! Unfortunately, liquids and powders aren’t forgiving when it comes to your facial movements. This can mean that you will see lines and cracks in your foundation as your face moves throughout the day. 

2. Powder and liquids are harder to use. They dry out more quickly and can be tricky for beginners just learning to apply makeup.

How many times have you gone to put your powder blush onto your face after you applied your liquid foundation and you accidentally put on too much? Eeeek! We all know that feeling of frustration. Nobody wants to look like a clown– unless you are actually trying to look like a clown, then, by all means, you do you! But back to what I’m trying to get at, when you have an ‘oops’ moment with traditional makeup products, it can be so frustrating to have to take all of the layers of makeup off your face so you can fix it, right? 

3. It’s hard to blend different shades of powder & liquid foundations together to get a custom color for your face.

There are many reasons a lot of people pay a lot of money for a professional makeup artist to do their makeup. One of them is because professional makeup artists are trained to be able to custom create foundation colors that will match your skin. Very rarely is anyone one color across their whole face. Most of us are a mixture of light and dark areas. This makes it nearly impossible to pick out one bottle or compact of foundation for your face. 9 times out of 10, it just won’t work well.

4. Liquids and Powder foundations can make your skin feel dry.

When your face produces it’s natural oils, and you soak those oils up with powders and thick liquids on your skin, it can dry your skin out which will then cause your skin to create more oils. To remedy this, traditionally, most people apply more powders and thick liquids. The problem with this is that instead of fixing the problem, you are actually making it worse! Add to that, now you have many layers of makeup on your skin and we all know that is not the most comfortable situation to be in.

5. Your skin can look more dull and flat.

When liquid foundation dries onto your skin, it creates a matte finish. While this can be desirable at times, and in certain situations, it also makes our skin look dull and one-dimensional. The same goes for powder foundation. Powders are meant to make the skin take on a matte appearance. The problem with this is that it also makes us look dull and lifeless. Yuck. Nobody wants that!

I still can't get over how amazing Maskcara's cream makeup looks on my skin! www.heathershefbeauty.com

Here are 5 Reasons I love my cream foundation-

1. Creams are easy to blend into your skin– the correct color should “melt” into your skin.

When I say that the creams are easy to blend, I really mean that. I love that I can use my fingers, a brush, or a sponge to blend my makeup into my skin. It makes it so easy to get the coverage and look I want! And I know that I’ve got the correct shade combination when my Maskcara creams look like they’ve melted into my skin instead of sitting on top of it. 

2. Creams are great for beginners- don’t harden or dry out quickly, so you can move them around until you get your desired coverage and then set it with a spray or powder.

As a late-bloomer when it comes to makeup, I know how intimidating the makeup aisles at the stores can be. I also know how frustrating it is when you’re trying to figure out how to apply makeup and you make a mistake. When I used liquids and powders, I had to start all over when I accidentally got some foundation or blush in the wrong spot. Now? I just blend it out or wipe it off and continue my application! 

3. Maskcara’s creams are highly pigmented so you use very little each time you apply. Great for your wallet!

Because these creams are so highly pigmented, a little goes a very long way! That means that you don’t need to buy more every month. In fact, these cream tins will last up to a year! 

4. Creams are especially great for dry or mature skin, they don’t sit in fine lines, wrinkles, or enlarged pores like powders can.

When we are talking about mature skin, this really means anyone who struggles with fine lines and wrinkles. (I don’t know about you, but I started noticing more lines and wrinkles in my early 30’s–I’m blaming my kids. 🙂 ) When we use cream foundation, it melts into those lines and wrinkles and fills them in better than a liquid or powder foundation can. This gives the appearance of less wrinkles! Who doesn’t want to look younger? Enlarged pores are another struggle many of us have. I know, for me, they are hereditary and I can’t do much about them. But, I will tell you that my enlarged pores across my cheeks and nose are hardly noticeable with Maskcara’s creams. Most people can’t even see them anymore!

5. Cream foundation leaves skin with a dewy glow and a hydrated feel.

Glowy, dewy, radiant skin is in! Everyone wants to look younger and more healthy. Start with your face, and let your skin show the world how you feel on the inside. Nobody wants to feel like their makeup is drying their skin out and leaving them looking dry. Yet another reason I love creams. 

And just for fun, here’s a bonus reason to love Maskcara’s IIID cream foundation!  Cream foundation is water resistant! So even when it’s the middle of the summer and the humidity is high, I don’t look like I’m dripping in sweat and my makeup isn’t running off my face. To add to this, I can use setting sprays and/or setting powder to set my makeup and keep it right where I want it all day!

Check out this post HERE to see how easy it is to apply Maskcara’s IIID foundation system!

So no matter what your makeup skill level is, Maskcara’s cream-based foundation can work for you! From beginners to pro makeup artists, everyone is falling in love with creams! I know I have. 


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