I used to hate buying blush. I’d spend way too much time in the makeup aisle trying to figure out what shade of blush to buy. You know the drill…you want to look like you’re wearing blush, but you don’t want to look like those pictures of your 2nd grade teacher circa 1986. (The 80’s were not the best decade for makeup-wearing. I think we can all agree on that.)

How I use Maskcara Beauty Cream Blush in my simple makeup routine.

My problem was that after I’d spent way too much time debating what brand and what shade of powder blush to buy, I’d get home and try it out only to realize I couldn’t see it on my skin. Have you ever had that happen? I’m still not sure what the technical reasons are for why blush seems to disappear on my cheeks, but let me tell you, it’s pretty annoying! And when I’d try to remedy the disappearing-blush problem with more blush….which inevitably would lead to too much blush, and then I’d end up looking like my 2nd grade teacher all over again. Ha!

Most of the time, I’d just skip blush all together. And foundation too, but that’s another story for another time. 

What changed things for me:

When I found Maskcara Beauty’s cream foundation and cream blush, I was blown away with how the creams melted into my skin. They looked so much more natural than any powder blush I’d used before. And the best part? I could see the blush on my cheeks after I applied it! Hooray! 

Now that I’ve been using these cream blushes for about 3 years, I can say they’ve changed my makeup routine. I love that I can go heavy or light with my application and I can still see the colors on my skin. In fact, it takes so little blush to get the look I love, that I rarely need to replace them! And if I accidentally overdo it? I just blend it out with my fingers or brush until I get the look I’m going for. 

You know what else is fun? Combining different shades to make new colors! Some of my favorites: 

Scarlet and Plum

Frenchie and Desert Sunset

Black Cherry and Hollywood

On really busy days, I will throw on a little under-eye concealer (because I’ve got 5 kids), my favorite blush at the moment, and some cream bronzer, and I’m out the door! 

My favorite way to apply my blush is with Maskcara's B Squared brush!

I love using my B Squared brush from Maskcara Beauty to apply my blush. It has the perfect small, round end to really get my blush right where I want it on my cheeks. It takes just a dab on the apples of my cheeks, and then I blend it up towards my hair line. If I go to far towards my nose, I just wipe it off with my finger or blend a little more vigorously with my brush. 

I love that my blush does double duty as a lip color! See how I use Maskcara's cream blush everyday.

Bonus! Because these colors are cream and not powder, they can double as lip colors. If I want just a touch of color, I use my finger to apply the colors to my lips. If I’m looking for more concentrated color, I’ll use a brush to apply the colors. They aren’t drying to my lips and I love that I can coordinate my lips and cheek colors quickly and easily. As a busy mom, I need simple solutions in my makeup routine. I don’t have the time to spend hours on my makeup every day. Maskcara’s cream blush has not only helped me solve my mysterious disappearing blush problem, it’s also saved me room in my makeup bag by doubling as my lip color! 

Maskcara's Hollywood Lip+Cheek color is the perfect shade of pink! See how I use it in my daily routine!

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Here’s how I use the Cream Blush in my makeup routine!

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