Eyeshadow Techniques: The Two Tone

The Two Tone eyeshadow technique sounds a bit like a band from the 1980’s, don’t you think? And even though I’ve been playing with eyeshadows professionally for almost 2 years now (Yes, that’s part of my job. It’s pretty awesome. Here’s 10 reasons you should join me!), I haven’t experimented much with this eyeshadow look for some reason. Thanks to this blog series, I can now say that this is a really fun eyeshadow look to play with!

The Two Tone Eyeshadow technique lets you add a fun pop of color to a neutral eyeshadow look! Bonus-it's easy!

Gorgeous Valentine’s Day Makeup

Valentine’s Day is just around the corner! This gorgeous Valentine’s Day makeup look is perfect for a date night out or staying in! The soft pinks are really flattering on just about everyone. Do you celebrate Valentine’s Day? I have mixed feelings on the holiday as a whole. I didn’t really celebrate it until I got married, and even now we don’t put a lot of emphasis on the holiday. At the very least, I always try to glam myself up for my husband on the big day. Read on to see how I got this look!

Get this look---Gorgeous Valentine's Day makeup tutorial!


How To: Emerald Eyes

I love eyeshadow. It’s one of the easiest ways to play with makeup colors and change your look. I used to be really intimidated by eyeshadow looks. Thank goodness my mistakes were before the years of cell phones and selfies! Haha! I want to take some of the guesswork out of eyeshadow application for you. It doesn’t need to be hard to have a great eye look! This Emerald Eye look is perfect for anyone with green, hazel, or even brown eyes. You can easily switch out the green shades for purples, browns, or pinks as well! Once you learn the technique, you can do any looks you want. Let’s get started.


How I Highlight and Contour using Maskcara Beauty

I used to think that Highlighting and Contouring were just tricks people used on tv shows or youtube. And there was no way that I, a mom with 5 boys who lives in the Midwest would ever be able to figure it out! Not to mention, all of the videos I had seen that showed how to do it involved way too many steps and products. I didn’t even know how to pick the correct shade of foundation, how would I know how to pick out the products I’d need to highlight and contour my face? (And also not end up looking like a crazy person!)

How I highlight and contour with Maskcara Beauty Cream Foundation

Cream Blush- Why I love it!

I used to hate buying blush. I’d spend way too much time in the makeup aisle trying to figure out what shade of blush to buy. You know the drill…you want to look like you’re wearing blush, but you don’t want to look like those pictures of your 2nd grade teacher circa 1986. (The 80’s were not the best decade for makeup-wearing. I think we can all agree on that.)

How I use Maskcara Beauty Cream Blush in my simple makeup routine.