Spring Makeup Trends: 4 Flower-Inspired Looks!

Can you believe it’s Spring already? Winter always seems as if it will never end, and then one day, the grass is getting green again! After months of darkness and cold, the warm sun and blooming flowers are such a welcome sight. It seems that the whole world is ready for bright colors again after the dark months of winter. We exchange our dark, heavy coats for light, bright cardigans and light jackets; so why would we continue to wear our dark winter makeup? Let’s talk Spring makeup trends!

A new season means new makeup shades! Here are 4 makeup pairings that are perfect for Spring. www.heathershefbeauty.com


Get Your Perfect Maskcara Color Match

Wondering how to get your own custom Maskcara color match? Let me break it down for you! But first, how many times have you gone into the makeup aisles and looked at the different brands of foundation and felt overwhelmed by the choices? Long-lasting, full coverage, natural coverage, liquid, powder, matte, dewy…it’s enough to make your head spin! And then, when you finally figure out what color and formula you like, and you need to re-purchase, the makeup company has inevitably re-formulated your choice and changed the name! *insert face-palm emoji here* hahaha!

Maskcara is all about making your life easier. One of the ways we do that is with our artist program. It’s my job as your artist to keep track of what colors look best on you, help you choose what coverage you like, find the best application technique for your skin, and generally be your makeup assistant in your back pocket! It’s a pretty awesome job. 4 easy steps for the perfect Maskcara color match. Maskcara's founder, Cara Killpack's before and after. www.heathershefbeauty.com


Becoming a Maskcara Artist in Canada- Your Guide

Your Definitive Guide to Maskcara in Canada!

Becoming a Maskcara Artist in Canada will soon be a possibility! As of March 25, 2019, Maskcara Beauty will be selling product and enrolling Artists in Canada. How amazing is that?

I remember when Maskcara Beauty started the Artist program in the United States in January 2017. I was about 2 weeks from giving birth to my 5th boy and I was so over being pregnant. If you’ve ever been stuck in a situation that felt like it would never end, then you know how I felt. Cara announced that she would be opening up the company to outside distributors (known as Independent Artists), and I was intrigued by the idea of being able to share a product I love with the world while also contributing to my family’s income. I took the plunge in April 2017 and joined as an Artist. It’s been one of the best decisions I’ve ever made!

Maskcara Beauty is coming to Canada! Check out this guide for everything you need to know. #maskcarabeauty #maskcaracanada #maskcaraartist #directsalescanada #directsales #bossbabe #girlboss #makeup


How To: Emerald Eyes

I love eyeshadow. It’s one of the easiest ways to play with makeup colors and change your look. I used to be really intimidated by eyeshadow looks. Thank goodness my mistakes were before the years of cell phones and selfies! Haha! I want to take some of the guesswork out of eyeshadow application for you. It doesn’t need to be hard to have a great eye look! This Emerald Eye look is perfect for anyone with green, hazel, or even brown eyes. You can easily switch out the green shades for purples, browns, or pinks as well! Once you learn the technique, you can do any looks you want. Let’s get started.


How long will my Maskcara makeup last?

We all like a good deal. We all want to know we are getting our money’s worth, right? Everyone likes the big bottles of shampoo for $9 at Costco, the 2 for 1 deals on shoes, the curly fries for just 30 cents more–you know what I mean?! Deal-Lovers Unite! hahaha No, but really, I do not like to feel like I wasted my money. Especially on beauty products! One of the reasons I love Maskcara Beauty is that the products last a long time. I know you’re looking at the little tins and thinking, “There is no way this small amount of foundation is going to last me longer than 2 weeks! This girl is crazy.” It’s ok, I’ve heard it before. But I’m here to tell you, those small tins hold a lot of makeup!

How long will my Maskcara Makeup last? I've been amazed at the quality of this makeup!