Spring Makeup Trends: 4 Flower-Inspired Looks!

Can you believe it’s Spring already? Winter always seems as if it will never end, and then one day, the grass is getting green again! After months of darkness and cold, the warm sun and blooming flowers are such a welcome sight. It seems that the whole world is ready for bright colors again after the dark months of winter. We exchange our dark, heavy coats for light, bright cardigans and light jackets; so why would we continue to wear our dark winter makeup? Let’s talk Spring makeup trends!

A new season means new makeup shades! Here are 4 makeup pairings that are perfect for Spring. www.heathershefbeauty.com


How long will my Maskcara makeup last?

We all like a good deal. We all want to know we are getting our money’s worth, right? Everyone likes the big bottles of shampoo for $9 at Costco, the 2 for 1 deals on shoes, the curly fries for just 30 cents more–you know what I mean?! Deal-Lovers Unite! hahaha No, but really, I do not like to feel like I wasted my money. Especially on beauty products! One of the reasons I love Maskcara Beauty is that the products last a long time. I know you’re looking at the little tins and thinking, “There is no way this small amount of foundation is going to last me longer than 2 weeks! This girl is crazy.” It’s ok, I’ve heard it before. But I’m here to tell you, those small tins hold a lot of makeup!

How long will my Maskcara Makeup last? I've been amazed at the quality of this makeup!


How I Highlight and Contour using Maskcara Beauty

I used to think that Highlighting and Contouring were just tricks people used on tv shows or youtube. And there was no way that I, a mom with 5 boys who lives in the Midwest would ever be able to figure it out! Not to mention, all of the videos I had seen that showed how to do it involved way too many steps and products. I didn’t even know how to pick the correct shade of foundation, how would I know how to pick out the products I’d need to highlight and contour my face? (And also not end up looking like a crazy person!)

How I highlight and contour with Maskcara Beauty Cream Foundation

Cream Blush- Why I love it!

I used to hate buying blush. I’d spend way too much time in the makeup aisle trying to figure out what shade of blush to buy. You know the drill…you want to look like you’re wearing blush, but you don’t want to look like those pictures of your 2nd grade teacher circa 1986. (The 80’s were not the best decade for makeup-wearing. I think we can all agree on that.)

How I use Maskcara Beauty Cream Blush in my simple makeup routine.