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About Me! www.heathershefbeauty.com


Welcome to my little corner of the internet. I’m Heather Sheffer.

If you…

…have ever stood in the cosmetics aisle at Target or walked into Sephora and felt overwhelmed by the sheer number of choices before you

…have ever felt too old or too busy to figure this makeup-thing out

…have always wanted to learn how to apply makeup so you look professional and put together but don’t know where to start

…need simple, gorgeous solutions that can take you from work, to the grocery store, to date night without having to completely re-do your makeup

…dream of building a business that can bring you joy and friendship while also helping with your monthly bills

Then this is the place for you!

I love how simple and compact my makeup is with Maskcara Beauty. www.heathershefbeauty.com

Here’s a little info about me. I’m a wife to my favorite Chiropractor, a mom of 5 quickly-growing boys, and a Maskcara Beauty Makeup Artist. As a busy mom, I was overwhelmed by the many makeup choices in the stores and needed a system that would allow me to get ready quickly and still look put together. I know what it’s like to learn how to do makeup in your 30’s. (Yep, that was me!) Need to go from the office to a playdate to a date night? I’ve got the solution for you. And the best part is that it won’t cost you an arm and a leg. 

I started this blog to share what I’ve learned after teaching myself the ins and outs of the beauty world. I’ve tried and failed to find the perfect solutions for my busy life for many years, until I found Mascara Beauty. Now, I want to make your life easier! Let me take the guesswork out of finding the right makeup for your skin tone! Ready to take your love of makeup to the next level, or are you looking for an outlet to grow your skills and a chance to use your passions to build a business and find your tribe? I’ve got the answers for that quest, too. 

Me- without and with Maskcara Beauty Makeup www.heathershefbeauty.com

Where to start-

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Have you heard the term ‘HAC’ and have no idea what in the world people are talking about?

Click HERE for my introductory post on How I HAC.

Looking for a sisterhood of women who love beauty, sharing gorgeous makeup, and learning new skills together? Click HERE for info on what joining my team is like!

As a former non-makeup girl, who was scared of all of the different products and what they were supposed to be used for, I’ve learned how to navigate the makeup world. I’m a self-taught, busy mom of 5 (quickly-growing, and always hungry) boys who has discovered a love for beauty. I know what it feels like to not know where to start, what it feels like to think that I’m the only one who avoids the makeup aisles because I don’t know what to buy, and now I know how it feels to finally figure it out!

Dramatic green smokey eye using Maskcara's eyeshadows. www.heathershefbeauty.com

It’s amazing how things can change!

Now, I am known for my eyeshadow looks and color combinations. I am asked for advice on makeup application often by women who used to think they were too old to learn how to navigate the makeup world. I love to speak on how this makeup knowledge has changed my life from the inside out, and I have been asked to speak and train on choosing the right eyeshadow shades for your eye color and eye shape. One of my favorite things is to show women of all shades how Maskcara Beauty can work with their skin tone to bring out the gorgeousness that is in every woman!

I was hand-picked by the top leader in Maskcara Beauty to participate in an intensive business and leadership training program with 9 other Maskcara Artists. It helped me to realize how much I value good leadership and also how much I love the world of business building. Because of this amazing opportunity, I was asked to speak on a panel at the 2019 Glow Conference in Nashville, Tennessee put on by Benjamin and Kirsten Tyrrel. Other speakers there included Rachel Hollis, Nicole Walters, Michelle Gifford, and Jenna Rammell. I loved being able to share the stage with these amazing business women and tell my story of finding myself and my place in this crazy world. These experiences solidified my desire to build a community of women who are looking to rock the business world and change their lives! 

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I’m so glad you’re here. I can’t wait to get to know you better!