Have you ever thought about selling makeup? If you’d asked me 2 years ago, my answer would have been a resounding, “Hahahahaha, Nope.” Oh, how times have changed! I have changed. My world has changed. Why? All because I took a chance on a brand new company, Maskcara Beauty, and said, “Yes.” when I would have normally said, “No.”.

We are Maskcara Beauty- And we are more than Makeup. Join my Team!

I am a completely different person than I used to be. I’m more confident, ambitious, and driven. I have bigger goals than I would have expected and I feel the urge to share this opportunity with you. The woman reading this. Looking for something more in your life.

So here are my Top 10 Reasons Why You Should Join My Maskcara Team! Are you ready? Let’s go–

Reason #1: Solid Leadership

I looked into other MLM companies before I joined Maskcara. I looked at the women I’d be joining under, and their leadership style and knowledge. I’ll be honest, it was slim pickings out there 2 years ago. When I found my Upline/Sponsor on social media, I was impressed by her ability to share the message of Maskcara Beauty without sounding too sales-y or pushy. As I got to know her and her uplines better, I found out that I had access to an amazing wealth of business knowledge. Because of this, I have learned more about running a business that can stand the test of time and encompasses more than just makeup. Having these strong women to look up to on my team has been invaluable!

Reason #2: This company and the woman behind it.

Cara Killpack created this company and these products out of a sincere desire to help women see their own beauty. How amazing is that? She truly lives what she preaches and is always thinking of ways to help women know their worth. She sold her makeup line on her own website for over 2 years before opening up the opportunity to other women to share these amazing products. Initially, she didn’t want to go the MLM route, because of the stigma behind that word. I’m so grateful she changed her mind!

Reason #3: Tools, Resources, and Graphics for your use

Training Resources, Tools, and Graphics my team members have access to. I believe that by training my team well, and giving them the tools they need to be successful, that we will all be able to be better Maskcara Artists. That’s why I share my knowledge freely with my team. I have graphics that are only available to my team members, tools that I’ve created just for you, and you’ll also have access to The Artist Academy which is an amazing place to get all of the training you’ll need to be successful. What you do with that training is up to you!

Have you ever thought about joining Maskcara? Here's 10 reasons why you should join me!
Maskcara in the Middle Business Training 2018

Reason #4: Business Trainings and Retreats

I provide regular business retreats and trainings to my team members. We spend the weekend learning from each other and experts in our field. Our top leaders regularly travel to be with us at these retreats because of the amazing value that they provide to our team as a whole. I love training and teaching women to believe in themselves and their abilities.

Reason #5: The Generous Compensation Plan

I told you before that I looked into other MLM companies prior to joining Maskcara Beauty, and one of the things I looked closely at was the Compensation Plan. After all, what’s the point of joining a company if I’m not going to compensated for my hard work? Maskcara’s Compensation Plan is extremely generous. It allows me to choose whether to build a team or focus solely on sales. It rewards me for my hard work with up to 40% commissions on all of my sales. And it doesn’t take a degree in Accounting to understand how it all works together!

Reason #6: We have a lot of fun!

I know that this reason sounds cheesy. But in my life, with 5 boys running around the house, a busy husband, and laundry that seems to multiply while I sleep….I need fun! I need friends. And I didn’t realize how badly I needed these things. I’ve met amazing, strong women in the past 2 years who have become life long friends. I’m constantly impressed with the kindness and work ethic of Maskcara Artists.

Have you ever thought about joining Maskcara? Here's why you should!
Dream Convention 2018

Reason #7: The Flexibility

This business has given me the opportunity to grow my income on my own time; from my computer, phone, or in person. I love that I’m typing this while watching my 5 year old do his version of Power Rangers training (his words, not mine) during his little brother’s nap time. I can schedule my work hours to be when I need them to be. This is huge for me. I can still do the school pickups and drop offs, I can still be home when my big boys get off the bus from Middle School, and I can also help support my family. Let me tell you, teenage boys eat a lot of food. Like, a lot. So much food. I can help with the grocery costs, pay for new pants (why are they always growing out of pants?), and still be home with my toddler who needs me.

Reason #8: No Storing or Shipping Products!

This one was huge for me. Remember the toddler I mentioned above? Well, I swear he’s got some extra DNA that help him to find and destroy pretty much anything that’s not nailed down, on a high shelf, or behind locked doors. If I had to store and ship makeup, I’d lose a lot of time and money to his curious, little fingers! I love that I don’t have to worry about keeping my stock supply high, and I don’t have to make multiple trips to the post office to ship products to my customers. Each customer orders on the website and their products are shipped directly to their door. It’s perfect for busy women.

Reason #9: The Numbers.

Maskcara Beauty is only a couple of years old. There are less than 10,000 Independent Artists in the entire United States. Plus! We will be opening up into Canada really soon! There is a huge opportunity get in on the ground floor and really build your business how you want to build it. I regularly speak with the top leaders in the company because we are still a small company.

Reason #10: The Company Mission

The Maskcara Mission Statement says:

“At Maskcara Beauty, we truly believe that we can have our cake and eat it too. But what does that really mean? It means you don’t have to choose between financially supporting your family and spending time with them. It means you don’t have to choose between help ing yourself or helping others. With a little creativity, optimism, and hard work, you can have it all. And becoming a member of our community who lift and support each other- well, that’s just eat icing on the cake.

After all looking beautiful is nice, but feeling beautiful is life-changing.

And we are in the business of changing lives…”

-Maskcara Beauty 2019-

I remember when Cara Brook Killpack read the mission statement for the first time at the Company Launch in 2017. It spoke to my in a way that not many things have in the past. In the past 1 1/2 years since she unveiled the mission statement, I have seen how these words have guided this company. I am so excited to see where this company goes in the future!

Whew! If you’re still reading, you get a gold star!

Won’t you join me on this crazy, amazing adventure?!

“We are Maskcara Beauty. And we are more than makeup.” -Maskcara Beauty-

My top reasons why you should join my Maskcara team!
Maskcara in the Middle Fall 2018 Training Retreat

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